15 People Who Shouldn’t Let Other People To Look After Their Pets!

Recently some people regretted it big time when they let other people to look after their pets in their absence. The results are below for everyone to see!

1.A girl who asked her roommate to look after her cat.

2.When mom wasn’t at home. Their 6 year old daughter decided to play dress up with the cat.

3.Her roommate was a stripper, so she decided to play dress up with the dog using her own costumes.

4.When daddy was in charge of kitchen and pets.

5.When she let her niece to take care of the dog.

6.The girl’s younger sister had been playing dress up with the dog since many months.



7.She won’t going to let anyone be in charge of her pets ever again!

8.The guy realized what her girlfriend does with her cat when he’s at work.

9.This girl realized that her dog would look shocked and tense when she wasn’t at home and her friend was in charge of the dog.

10.The girl got this picture from her boyfriend who was taking care of the dog in her absence.

11.The girl’s boyfriend was having way too much fun with the dog when she wasn’t around.

12.Her mom played dress up with the dog when she was at school.

13.Her mom came up with an idea to keep the cat disciplined in her daughter’s absence.

14.His girlfriend did this with his pup when he wasn’t around.

15.The girl decided to play with the dogs when she was at her job. She said blondes do have more fun!

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