21 Year Old Flies From Italy To Indonesia To Marry Someone She Met Online

Online dating is fun for passing your time and stuff nut hardly you find someone that means someone to you but today we have a example for you that might make you tear up a bit.

This Italian waitress saved for 2 years to travel to Indonesia. So she could marry a villager she met online.

Llaria Monte Blanco, a 21 year old woman found love

Dzulfikar is an Indonesian villager

Both of them met on Facebook and decided to marry

Distance is not really an issue now days but they did something really special. This girl saved for almost 2 years and then told her parents that she has found love. Her parents were happy for her and supported her mentally. By April she had saved enough and then she flew to her love.

Flew for almost 17 hours

After the plane ride she rode a bus for almost 5 hours to get to Zulfikar’s house.

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