This Beautiful Story About A Cobra And 2 Puppies Will Melt Your Heart Away

We hear heartwarming stories every day and think that this world is not all that bad. Tih one is no different and it keeps us believing that the world is not all about humans and we are not only the one with emotions

This happened in the state of Punjab India. Two cute little puppies fell into a well. The well was very deep for three little things and they couldn’t get out. When their mother started barking the owner noticed that the puppies were missing.

The owner started a search operation and looked ever where. As he finally looked down the well he was in a state of shock. There was a king cobra sitting next to the puppies but somehow it didn’t hurt the cute little puppies but somehow was protecting the puppies. After 2 hours of continuous struggle the people managed to reach the puppies and the cobra crawled aside to the other part of the well. The puppies were rescued and the snake was released into the wood.

This story is another proof that even the cruelest of animals help another one when in need and we should follow them too.

Source : brightside

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