Brazilian Couple Have 13 Sons But Want A Daughter

There is a certain couple in Brazil that have 13 son but are still not giving up hope of a daughter and still trying.

44 year old farmer have 13 sons with the oldest being 18 and the youngest 1 month but they are still waiting for a daughter and are not giving up.

The couple mad an agreement that whenever there will be a boy the husband will name him and the wife will name the daughters and the mother has not been given the chance to name the daughter yet. The odds of having 13 boys in a row are so less that this family is special.


“When my wife first got pregnant we agreed that I will name the boys and she will name the girls.”

“I have always been admirer of players like Rival do, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldinho and Robinson”

“So when my boys came into this world I decided to name them after the players I liked”

The couple has 13 sons

Jucicleide holds her youngest son

It is his dream that one of his son at least plays for the national team and make him proud one day

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