Can You Answer These 10 Tricky Questions?

It is said that only people with higher IQs can answer tough riddles. These riddles play with our minds. At times we think their answers are too tough and they are beyond our expertise. Although these riddles are not that tough and anyone with common sense can answer them.

Do you think you are smart enough? Then answer the following riddles.

1. There was a one story yellow house where a yellow person lived. He had a yellow cat, a yellow dog. There was a yellow chair, yellow table, yellow telephone, yellow bathtub. Everything was yellow in the house. So what color were the stairs?

                  Answer: It was a one story house. So, there weren’t any stairs.

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2. On a Sunday morning, a man was found dead. The only other people who were present at the home were the man’s wife and his staff. The wife claims she was reading a book at the time, the maid said she was getting the mail, the chef said he was cooking breakfast, the butler said he was cleaning the bathroom, and the gardener said he was planting tomatoes. Who was the murderer?

Answer: The murderer is the maid because she said she was getting the mail although there is no post on Sundays.

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