• The Curious Case Of 1100 Years Old Mummy Wearing Adidas Sneakers!

    Back in 2016, an ultra-trendy mummy wearing what looked like Adidas sneakers had been discovered in Mongolia. Recently the researchers have restored the mummy along with its fancy sneakers and other items.

    Although the mummy’s shoes looked like Adidas sneakers but in reality it was knee-high felt boots with red and black stripes, fancy buckles and a leather sole.

    Researchers also revealed that the female mummy was a Turkic seamstress who must have died in the Altai Mountains.

    It had been said that the mummy is of 1,100 years old and reports also revealed that she passed out because of a severe blow to her head.

    The researchers are planning to find out more about the mummy via DNA and radiocarbon tests.

    The female mummy must be a looker in her day because a clutch bag has also been found with the mummy including a comb, a mirror, and a knife inside the bag.

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