Cute 4 Year Old Tells Father That Why He Doesn’t Want To Marry.

Innocent, cute and adorable. This is the perfect way to describe kids and in the video we are about to show you we will prove that. These 3 words perfectly describe kids.

This little kid lays the truth bomb and says he doesn’t want to have kids.

The argument was funny as hell

While they were having dinner. They were having discussions about certain things and suddenly he drops the bomb that he doesn’t want to get married.

“I don’t want to get married. Are you kidding me> I would be scared”

“Because I don’t want to kiss anyone and if they kiss me they do it with spit”

The argument got better when the dad asked a question

“What about a wife? Don’t you want to be a daddy?”

To which he replied

“I don’t want a wife, I do want to have kids”

Well we can’t argue with those points. It looks like he has already made his mind up and we can’t change that. He has his points and well they are good as hell.

Jokes apart, but this argument is cute and will leave you laughing hard. The kid is too cute and too real.


Source : elitereaders

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