• Do You Know These 10 Common Practices Are Actually Illegal?

    It wouldn’t be wrong to say that we all are criminals in one way or another because there are a lot of things that we normally do in our lives on daily or weekly basis which are actually considered illegal. Yes! You read it right ‘illegal’ and we can even face prison as well for committing these crimes.

    Have a look at these common practices to avoid facing jail anytime soon.

    1. Stealing Wi-Fi

    So many times we have taken advantage of stealing a neighbor’s Wi-Fi who forgot to secure it via a password. Well stealing Wi-Fi is a serious crime and one can face jail up to two years.


    1. No Alcohol on Sunday
    friends clinking glasses in pub

    There’s a law that says that purchasing any form of alcohol on a Sunday is considered a crime.


    1. Do you sing ‘Happy Birthday’ song?


    Well the famous birthday song has a copyright and it is illegal to sing the Happy Birthday song in public places without the song owner’s permission.

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