Giant Shipworm That Scientists Thought Was Extinct Has Been Found Alive In Philippines

For over hundreds of years scientists thought that the giant shipworm has been extinct when they discovered fossils of the animal in some parts of the world.

Recently, the scientific world got astonished when they got to know the mythic creature is alive in the area of Mindanao, Philippines.

A number of specimens of this rare worm has been found at the bottom of a lagoon in Mandanao, Philippines which has left everyone surprised and shocked at the same time because everyone thought this rare creature has left the earth decades ago.

These giant shipworms can be of 3 to 5 feet long and spend most of its life in a hard shell which looks more like a tusk.

When this worm is out of its shell, it looks like a worm with its slimy and dark body with a head and tail with two siphons.

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