Good News For All Sci-Fi Fans, The Us Vs. Japan Robot Fight Is Happening In August!

We have seen these kind of things in the movies but now robot fights will be a reality soon, starting from August 2017.

Sometime back, MegaBots which is an American team of robot engineers challenged the Japanese robot maker Suidobashi Heavy Industries for a mega robot fight. Of course, the Japanese robot maker accepted the challenge.

Now the buzz is that the robot battle will took place sometime in August 2017 and will also be livestreamed on YouTube for free.

America’s robot is known as MegaBots Mk.III which is 16 feet tall and is over 12 tons in weight.

Japanese robot is known as Kuratas, which weighs over 5 tons and is 13 feet tall.

At this point, the abilities and potential of both the robots have been kept under wraps for obvious reasons.

As the time of the battle is getting near, so both the robots are getting upgradations.

MegaBots received more $500,000 for its upgradations through crowdfunding. Kuratas also received some major upgradations but its details have been kept under wraps.

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