This Is What Happens When You Try To Climb The Fence Off A Zoo!

Recently a man named Zhang from China’s Hubei province took his children, wife and one of his colleague, Li to Yageer Zoo in Ningbo.

He paid for the wife and children’s tickets and decided not to pay for his ticket. His colleague also decided the same and they both went to climb the fence of the zoo so they could get the entry without having to pay the $19 zoo entry fee.

The man climbed the fence and fall into the enclosure of tigers and the tigers attacked him.

Upon seeing what happened to Mr. Zhang, Li decided not to follow his friend’s lead.

The zoo’s security had to get into the action and they had to use fireworks and water hoses to scare away the dangerous animals but nothing seemed to work.

The tigers were brutally attacking the man while his family and colleague saw all that from their own eyes.

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