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  • Huge Medical Breakthrough! As Device Can Diagnose Diseases Through Your Breath

    As the medical field has boomed in technology over the years some people still believe it is a bit behind. This new invention will surely change their minds people claim that this device detects almost 17 device just by smelling a patient’s breathe

    The NA-NOSE device has been highly praised by experts and it is said to have an 86 percent accuracy rate and can detect certain types of cancer, kidney diseases, Parkinson’s disease and many more.

    This device can detect the volatile organic compounds in a person breath caused by different despises which helps the device to differentiate between diseases as well. All seventeen diseases has there on pattern of recognition

    The NA-NOSE has a very high success rate of almost 90%. It was tested on 1400 people from different countries and for every disease a different pattern appeared

    It was explained in a YouTube video by Doctor Hossam Haick (the leader of the research) that the device imitates a dog and human’s sense of smell to analyze a patient.  “Whether the patient is healthy or has a disease, and to predict who the healthy people are, who have a high risk to get the disease in the future.”  Doctor Hossam Haick explained in the videos

    The one very big advantage of this device is that diseases can be diagnosed early and can be treated upon. Diagnosing it earlier means a higher chance of survival. Survival rate can be increased up to 70 percent if diagnosed early

    Through this device tests for diseases can be made cheaper and can be done repeatedly to confirm the diseases which in another huge break through

    Breath is an excellent raw material for diagnosis,” Haick told Israeli publication Haaretz. “It is available without the need for invasive and unpleasant procedures, it’s not dangerous, and you can sample it again and again if necessary.”

    For the last decade researcher have tried very hard to use breaths to detect diseases but this has been a huge break through. The test is so accurate because of the fact that a healthy person releases about four times less acetic acid as compared to a un healthy patient

    Doctors would sniff a patient’s solid waste (poop) to determine the disease in ancient times. Now detecting a diseases could be as easy as breathing into a device now

    Haick has expressed his desire that this device should be available in the market soon as it as been tested on many different patients

    In the video he also explains that this device can also be added on a smart phone and can diagnose a disease while a person talks in to the phone. He also explains that Na-Nose can become an integral part of our daily lives.

    Source: organicandhealthy

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