• Karma Is Real As Wife Caught Cheating After Embarrassing Situation Occurs!

    It’s a weird world out there and it just got weirder. Recently a wife and her lover were caught in an embracing position. As they were stuck together while they were making love.

    The wife was in a hotel cheating when this embarrassing incident scoured. After they failed to free themselves as they felt pain as soon as tried to separate themselves. The hotel staff was called upon and they tried to help the couple.

    They were pulled out from the front gate

    When the hotel staff came in the couple had to admit that they were not married and that made the staff mad but they decided to help non the less. Then they were rushed to the hospital.

    The situation was made worse when they were taken out from the front door and everyone saw the cheating couple. The woman covered her face but the man was exposed. A video was also made which went viral.


    Like in many parts of the world. Having sex with a person you are not married with is not liked in Kenya.

    The couple were spared a little as their names were not exposed. Some news outlets report that the husband used a magic glue thing on his wife which made the situation happened in the first place.

    There were also reports of black magic in the past as well.

    This video is an example

    Medical experts claim that this was caused by a certain muscle contraction that happens in the vagina of a woman.

    Detail of their treatment have not been released

    Source : elitereaders

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