Know About Your Health With This Method In Just Over A Minute

Some of us are just too scared to go to the doctors so here are some tricks that will tell you about your health condition

  • Take a spoon and lick it, covering it with saliva in the process
  • Put the spoon in a transparent plastic bag and then put it under bright light
  • Wait for 1 minute

A clean spoon, which has no smell means you don’t have any problems

If it smells

  • putrefactive, strong — problems with the lungs or stomach;
  • Sweet — it may be diabetes;
  • Ammonia — problems with the kidneys.

If it has stains

  • White or yellow with a thick coating — thyroid gland dysfunction;
  • Purple — bronchitis, poor blood circulation, high cholesterol level;
  • White — respiratory infection;
  • Orange — kidney disease.

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