Little 5 Year Old Saves Mother From Drowning And Becomes An Instant Hero

Whenever we mention the term hero, we imagine a man like batman or super man or a person in an army uniform but that is not how all super hero look like. Some are just little girls who save their mother from losing their lives.

This incident highlights the fact that we should teach our children swimming early in their lives.

Allison- A five year old girl is being called a hero for saving her mother’s life

Smart parenting shared on a post about the incident that “they were enjoying a swim in the pool when Allison noticed that her mother hadn’t come up for quite some time now”

Tracy (the mother) had a seizure during swimming and was unconscious in the pool”

“Allison who learned how to swim when she was 12, swam to her mother and dragged her to the shallow end of the pool, making sure that she was above water. Then she ran inside to call other family members for help.”

“(Tracy) was really heavy and I could only get the top part of her out. Then her other daughters ran over to help her out. Allison was able to do that on her own, it was a miracle”

Tracy was taken to a local hospital

The doctors claim that that Tracy would have lost her life if the brave 5 year old wouldn’t have swam to her rescue.

Watch the video here

Source : elitereaders

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