• This Senior Citizen Was Beaten Up By The Police Because He Fought For His Right

    A horrible incident occurred in the united air flight. When a senior citizen was forced to leave a seat he paid for because the flight was over booked by the Chicago law enforcement.

    The whole event was captured by a cellphone and now has gone viral and twitter has exploded.


     This weird and immoral incident occurred in flight no 3411. It is very common in the airline industry to over book a flight and nothing changed here

    When 4 people were asked to give up their seat voluntarily and no one got up, the people in charge decided to make harsh decisions and randomly choose a passengers who would give up their seat.

    One man was upset and said that he won’t give up his seat as he was a doctor and needed to go to Louisville to attend a patient. Then security was called upon and things got UGLY!

    The passengers claim that the man was pushed down to the ground and dragged out

    Three officer’s VS a senior citizen

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