Solar Powered Cooker Has Arrived That Can Even Work At Night Time!

We have good news for barbeque lovers. Now you can cook barbeque for your family members and loved ones and also be environment friendly at the same time.

Everyone loves barbeque but we forget one thing that the emissions released by using charcoal, wood and propane have an adverse effect in our environment. Well thanks to an MIT professor David Wilson who has come up with a solar powered cooker which allows us to cook barbeque without causing any damage to our environment.

Although previously as well some solar powered cookers came but they had some problems and just allowed people to cook in the day light because those cookers worked only because of the sunlight.

Well this new technology is indeed revolutionary and it allows you to cook even at night. This new cooker can collect up to 25 hours of cooking power with more than 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

The professor said that in the past as well there had been many such cookers, ovens and grills but none of them had used latent heat storage as a trait to cook the food. All those previous inventions were dependent on sun light but this cooker works even at night time.

The professor said that his trip to Nigeria inspired him to come up with this invention.

He also says that this invention can help people in the developing nations to a great extent who rely on wood to cook their food.

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