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  • Remember The Starving Kid Left To Die By His Parents? He Just Had His First Day Of School

    Just when we had lost all hope in humanity this story jumps out and gives everyone a little hope. Late last January a Danish worker Anja Ringgren Loven decided to adopt this kid and showed all of us that with a little bit of care we can change someone’s life. A heartening was captured when (the Danish worker) was giving this Nigerian kid who she named hope a much needed drink of water. Hope has now fully recovered and is now starting school.

    DINNødhjælp (the relief) is the organization found the boy, it is the same organization Jane works for. Some of the kids are labeled as which and are tortured or killed by their own parents, this organization saves them and try to provide them a safe environment. These kids are labeled as witches by the religious leaders in Nigeria to convince the parents to perform exorcism and make some money in the process. Anja and her team protect these children and try to provide shelter.

    A lot changes in a year, You will not recognize the kid found nearly starving to death in Nigeria.

    Exactly after a year the kid “HOPE” has totally transformed and is started school.

    This innocent little child was frowned upon and was abandoned that he would die after being accused of which craft by his own parents.

    After being rescued he was treated for stomach worms as he was taken to the hospital immediately.

    In a 8 months time he gained notable weight and gained back some energy.

    A new hair cut was just one of the many things he received during this amazing revival but arguably care and love were the 2 most important things he received.

    Hope is barely recognizable now, after year of hard work and care he has fully recovered.

    He lives with kids who share the same pain of being shunned aside by their own parents on the basis of lies of “witchcraft” in an orphan.

    Its hard to believe that someone can even accuse this darling little face of something close to evil.

    Hope has found love and care in the orphan that is run by Loven and her team something he never found when he was with his parents.

    This shows us that we can rise above race and religion to make this world a better place Love has given this world “HOPE”.

    Source: boredpanda

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