• These 20 Pictures Show That There Is Something Called Generation Gap And That Technology Is Just Moving Too Quickly For Some People

    Technology is moving quickly and some of just can’t keep up. Especially the ones who are well a bit on the slow side, like our grandparents and parents. So today we have compiled the worst technology fails by ageing people.

    1. So here is a list of my nana’s favorite websites

    2. My grandmother never gives up on her manners

    3. He thought that the sticker is the real clock and there is something wrong with his phone.

    4. The remote was just too confusing for my grand mother

    5. Well he just can’t turn off this heart feature on his phone and sent me this picture of his stove

    6. 3D book

    7. This is how she zooms in on her phone

    8. She sent me a picture through mail and took the picture form her phone

    9. My friend’s grandma thinks this is a phone

    10. Please!

    11. He is trying to unfreeze the computer

    12. My Dad Said “Look, Those TV Models Are Pirates”

    13. Just using the front camera to take a selfie. Technically she isn’t doing anything wrong

    14. My dad doesn’t know how to text in his phone

    15. After having 11 toolbars my mom asked me why the computer was slow

    16. My grandfather said the mouse wasn’t working right

    17. I am just glad that my grandmother is fine after this

    18. My mom made this her whatsapp DP.

    19. My dad using his first camera phone

    20. Wrong use of the emoji

    Source: boredpanda

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