These Pictures Of Inside A Woman’s Womb Will Fascinate You To Say The Least

The creation of a human being is indeed a wonder in itself. The entire process of prenatal development is indeed nothing but God’s magic. Although very few photographers have attempted to save the whole process of prenatal development in a camera lens in the past. One such photographer known as Lennart Nilsson decided to do the impossible and the result is amazing to say the least.

Lennart Nilsson

Well Lennart isn’t new to such kind of photography. He has spent his life capturing the wonders of nature. He initially became famous after his pictures of the human embryo were published in Life magazine. He first photographed a picture of a human fetus back in the 1957.

  1. This is how a Fallopian Tube looks like.

Lennart Nilsson

  1. Isn’t this picture of a human is amazing?

Lennart Nilsson

  1. Before Fertilization

Lennart Nilsson

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