• Turkish Engineers Makes Dreams Come True By Making A Car That Turns Into A Transformer

    Like it or not we were all transformer fans as kids and dreamt of them every day. In today’s world nothing is impossible and this group of Turkish engineers has proved it again

    These bunch of Turkish engineers have made many dreams come true and made a transformers car.

    This read BMW can turn into a robot and then turn back again.

    Don’t let it fool you, it a robot

    This idea came in as a brain blast when the company was thinking about something for the future and was built by a team of 16 people. 12 engineers and 4 technicians.

    It is built from an actual car in Ankara, Turkey.

    This car runs through remote control and is not drivable in traffic yet but people are working on the project.

    Watch the video below for more

    Yes the car is not a real transformer and can’t fight like the real transformer but still it is pretty bad ass

    Not for traffic yet, people

    Yes leptons can be for sale. Meet the requirement of the team and buy it”

    It is up for sale but there are terms and conditions

    Well whoever buys this please let me drive it.

    Source : elitereaders

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