• You Won’t Believe What This Amputee Gamer Did To Become A Real Life Terminator!

    A 26 year old James Young who lost his left leg and arm and got numerous other severe injuries after an accident was left devastated until a tech friendly company created a bionic arm and leg for him.

    $75,000 dollar arm

    This one amputee gamer then spent over $75,000 US dollars to get his arm replaced with a bionic arm.

    Here is the first picture of his bionic arm.

    Sophie de Oliveira Barata has created the prosthetic arm for him from the Alternative Limb Project and given it more of robotic arm look.

    It is also easily detachable and tech-friendly too.

    You won’t believe the features it has.

    The arm has a couple of USB ports for charging apart from a light torch. It also has a smart feature watch and a flying drone too which can be mounted on the shoulder.

    This gamer also got a complete terminator like costume, exactly like the arm.

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