10 Fallacies About Emotions That You Should Know!

Once a wise man said that we are usually unaware about the thing that we are closest to it. Similarly, in this case we think we know everything about our emotions but in reality we don’t. A lot of times we think that our emotions control us but in reality the scenario is completely different.

Following are 10 such fallacies about emotions that everyone should know.

  1. A lot of times we think in life that we have no control over emotions but psychology and reality says otherwise. Psychologists say that with practice one can learn to control his or her emotions.

  1. A lot of people feel that they can’t fully express their emotions in words. This is another fallacy about emotions. Instead psychologists say it is a good practice to write and express our feelings openly on a piece of paper.

  1. Another misconception about emotions is that feelings are our emotions which is wrong because feelings are bit impulsive. Sometimes we get angry over a small thing but that doesn’t mean that those temporary feelings are our permanent emotions.

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