11 Life Hacks That Will Make Your Devices Look Squeaky Clean

7.Espresso machine filters are brilliant at cleaning dust on the computer screens.

Espresso channels are perfect for cleaning here on the grounds that the material they’re made of can’t scratch your screen.

8.Utilize a straightforward homemade brush to clean the USB ports on your PC.

To make this simple device, you will require:

  • A solid bit of plastic
  • Superglue
  • Some sort of engineered material for cleaning (for instance, the delicate piece of a Velcro strip)

Stick the bit of engineered material to the plastic. It ought to be marginally smaller than the width of a USB port. Any pieces of paste that development when you’re making the cleaning brush ought to be smoothed out so it’s not uneven at all. Once the paste has dried, painstakingly clean all the USB ports.

9.Wipe the glass screen on your cell phone or tablet with common paper

Paper is awesome for cleaning glass screens particularly — don’t under any conditions utilize it for ones made of plastic or fluid crystalline material. It can likewise dispose of any scratches that have showed up on your cell phone or tablet. Applying round developments, rub any scratches with paper, and they ought to vanish inside a couple of minutes.

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