11 Life Hacks That Will Make Your Devices Look Squeaky Clean

10.Expel scratches from your cell phone’s screen utilizing some shine

To ensure your cell phone doesn’t endure any harm accordingly of your endeavor to evacuate the scratches on it, turn it off and deliberately cover over every one of the catches, the mouthpiece gap, and every single other port on the back and favors sticky tape. Presently include somewhat clean and painstakingly rub it into the screen with the assistance of a delicate fabric, applying roundabout movements.

11.Clean the area around the buttons of your smart phone with a toothbrush

Aside from a toothbrush, you needn’t bother with anything exceptional here. Utilizing smooth strokes, clean the whole cell phone utilizing the toothbrush, taking consideration to dispose of any soil or tidy that is gathered under the back cover and in the breaks between the catches. This is additionally a compelling technique for cleaning the space for the SIM card.

Source : brightside

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