12 Tings To Avoid, To Lead A Happy Life.


Happiness is all that matters in life, people strive for it every day, fight for it every day. We have to realize that life is short and we have to try and right for glorious moment’s every day and make every day special. Our daily habits determine that we are happy or not and our choices make a big impact.

When we are unhappy with our role in the society, this causes imbalance of chemicals in the brain, which we call depression. Just like depression, unhappiness can also be identified and be treated upon

If you feel that you are unhappy. These are the 12 habits you need to avoid

  1. Complain about almost everything

People who are very successful in life complaint less and work more. While people who are unhappy tend to have a higher complaint rate

Yes circumstances are different for everybody but in the end it comes down to the fact that how you deal with them.

  1. Criticizing everyone even yourself

People who are unhappy tend to criticize everyone and everything. They find fault in every thing and mark it out

They are harsh about every action which they fail to execute which leads to an unhappy lifestyle

  1. Being materialistic

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