12 Tings To Avoid, To Lead A Happy Life.

Yes having a nice car and a good house is important but you have to realize that it is not everything so to be happy you need to be less materialistic and value the things you have more

  1. Drugs

When people are unhappy they tend to find temporary solution, look for an way way out well this is not the way you need to realize that drugs are never a solution but they pull you away even more, without them you feel even more incomplete and un happy

So find a good book to read, travel watch TV but please don’t fall in this trap

  1. Getting stuck in the past

There are something we all know will never help but we do them any ways, regretting is one of them. Regretting over things that have passed away now will never help you but will pull you deep into a hole of depression and unhappiness

  1. Not staying in the present

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