12 Weird Japenese Game Shows That Make You Question Sanity.

It is safe to say that the Japanese have contributed a lot in today’s world. They have been innovative and pretty much fundamental is some of the things we use in our daily lives

But not everything they touch turns to gold, the Japanese TV industry is one of the lesser known things around the world and some of the things they do on their TV shows are just horrendous as well. They are innovative we have to give them and there are marks for trying as ell but some of the things they try to pull off doesn’t make any sense

So here is a list of 12 weirdest Japanese game shows that actually exists

  1. Chocolate or Not

When you listen to the name it seems like a kid game show but it’s anything but that. What actually happens in this show is that celebrity contestant put things I their mouth and have to tell if it is chocolate or not

They use an art form known as “SOKKURI” to make chocolate anything look like a shoe or a door knob and because of that contestant sometimes bite a shoe instead chocolate


  1. Dero!Dero!

In this game show the contestants have to answer some question and solve some puzzles. You might be thinking this is quite simple but when you have to do it in a high pressure situation it’s not

You have to answer these question while jumping from one plank to another or in a room that is quickly filling up with water

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