13 Amazing Dads From Around The World! 

Fathers and children share an amazing relationship with each other. For children, their fathers are the first superheroes that they get to meet in their lives. Like sons are super close to their mothers. Same is the case with daughters. Daughters share a highly special and strong bond with their fathers. The thing with dads is that there is never a dull moment with them. Dads know how to make everything fun and special.

Fathers provide safety, comfort and protection to their children but when it comes to their daughters; their emotions are very strong. Fathers are also very possessive about their daughters. Once their daughters grow up, they are the first ones to keep an eye on their boyfriends and love affairs. If a daughter is dating a wrong guy; the father would always be the first person to know about it.

Following are 13 such dads who are doing their job with a lot of charm and grace.

  1. They love to pamper their daughters.

  1. They are never out of ideas for fun games.

  1. Their style of parenting is a little out of the box but it always work each time. 

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