15 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide After Being A Victim Of Bullying And Gang Rape!

A mother of a 15 year old daughter committed suicide because she was bullied when she was 13 and ganged raped. The mother has finally told people what she and her daughter went through.

Cassidy (the victim) was continuously bullied by a bunch of girls and she was forced to quit her classes. They would slap her around, bash her on social media and even leave banana jokes outside their front door.

The mother and daughter together

When Cassidy went to school these girls changed and were all different they tried to make peace with her and said they were sorry and invited her to a festival but took her to their house where 2 grown up men raped her savagely.

She was forced to live in torcher after all this

Linda in an interview told channel 9

“They were older boys that Cass didn’t know. Two girls sat and waited while the boys shared her and timed each other. 1 stood and guarded the front door.

“Cass was scared that the gang would retaliate if she made a statement”

To get away from all of this she transferred to another school but the main bully got to her online.

Linda wrote “I had to watch my baby suffer for the next 22 months from these demons”

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