A 2 Year Old Girl’s Life Is In Danger After She Swallowed A Lithium Battery!

This 2 year old girl, Kacie Barradell from England is fighting for her life at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital after she swallowed a Lithium ‘button’ battery.

The battery has caused serious damage to her esophagus and is now being fed through a tube.

Doctors also told Cheryl Bell, the mother of Kacie that there was a 40 percent chance that she may not survive and if she did then there is a 50 percent chance that she can be paralyzed from below the waist.

The mother of the 2 year old girl is devastated and has warned other parents to take proper care of their children.

The tragic incident took place back in February when Kacie was brought into the hospital after swallowing a car lithium car battery from the car keys. She was brought into the hospital because she started having vomiting and diarrhea. Although the doctors revealed that she had swallowed the battery days before she was brought into the hospital.

Once she was admitted in the hospital, she started vomiting blood. Then the doctors immediately undergo a six hour long surgery to take out the battery.

This is the battery that Kacie swallowed that almost killed her.

The little girl is currently under treatment at The Birmingham Children’s Hospital and is expected to stay at the hospital for a month or so.

Do watch the below video that how button lithium battery could kill someone.

Source : elitereaders

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