These Stupid Trends That We Pray Gets Extinct ASAP!

Trends are always changing. Every year we witness lots of new trends and say good bye to the old ones. Although some trends keep coming back after a certain time. Like chokers were famous in the 90s but they are back on. On the other side, some trends always look annoying to our eyes but they never disappear for some reasons.

Today we have compiled a list of such trends that need to go away fast once and for all!

  1. Some people like to dress up as their favorite fast food restaurants like McDonalds or KFC. Such attires are also expensive. We don’t understand why people invest on them.

  1. Big butts became a trend thanks to Nicki Minaj and the entire Kardashian and Jenner clan. Hence, others who can’t afford expensive plastic surgeries to get the same look opt for devices that enhance their behinds. This trend and the entire Kardashian family needs to go.

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