25 Most Paused Movie Scenes Of All Time

The history of pausing at certain movie scenes once or twice or many times is as old as VHS tapes. The concept of pausing at certain movie scenes started with the VHS tapes and a pause button. Since then people have been pausing movies at certain timecodes to have a better look at an important scene. Why people stop movies at certain scenes is totally a subjective topic. Some people have been found to pause movies at a nude scene, others like to pause movies if a scene is highly violent or full of gore and blood while others like to pause movies to read the movie titles or look out for future clues.

Years later when the world was introduced to CD’s this culture of pausing movies grew even more and now all of us are highly habitual of pausing movies whenever we want and how many times we want.

Following are 25 such movie scenes that we all had to pause at least once or twice to get a better look at it.

It would be criminal not to include the classic mystery horror movie of 1981 ‘Scanners’ in this list. The whole movie was pretty scary but it was one such scene where Michael Ironside does a magic spell and explodes a person’s head. That head explosion was very unexpected and many people didn’t see it coming in the scene and it happened so fast that many people had to rewind the scene to watch again.

Horror-flasher flick ‘Cabin in the Woods (2012)’ may not be one of the best horror movies ever but there was one scene in the movie where people had to pause to have a better look at the proceedings. It was the scene where the scientists were discussing the outcome of the lead characters, a white board can be seen at the back with scary details of other monstrous creatures that the lab has planned.

Teen Wolf (1985) also remained as a cult classic among fans but it was that scene just before the end credits that raised a lot of eye brows and made people to pause and look more carefully. Just before the end credits, viewers’ get to see an extra who has forgotten to zip his pants.

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