28 Highly Amusing Photos That Tells Us Our History Wasn’t Perfect Either

As time goes by, we like to look at our history to convince us that it is only our present time which is far from perfect and history was reasonably good. We were also convinced that things were way better back in the day but we found 28 such photos that made us realized that even our past was pretty messed up too.


  1. Walter Yeo was severely wounded while working in the Navy in the World War I which damaged most of his facial skin. Hence, he went for a facial skin transplant and become the world’s first person to receive such a surgery. For the surgery, skin was taken from his body’s other parts.

Reddit / epicnesshunter

  1. A fire destroyed a large number of the museum’s scriptures and a major part of the building. This picture was taken after the destruction of the museum.

 Reddit / epicnesshunter

  1. This photo was taken back in 1923 when police was testing their new bulletproof vests. Somehow they went for quite a realistic approach for that.

Reddit / epicnesshunter

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