28 Photos Of North Korea That Accidentally Came Out To The World!

Anyone who has ever been to North Korea would agree to it that North Korea is one highly mysterious and secretive country, not that there are too many people who have been to the country because it is not easy to enter North Korea. Even the tourists who go to the country are accompanied by government officials of North Korea almost throughout the time they stay in the country.

One such lucky photographer Eric Lafforgue who has visited North Korea as many as six years took highly fascinating or in some cases disturbing pictures of the country. He released countless pictures of North Korea on the internet which really depicts the true state of the country. Because of the pictures Eric is now banned from visiting the country ever again.

Here are 28 photos of North Korea photographed by Eric Lafforgue.

  1. It is almost illegal to take pictures of any statue of Kim from behind but Eric managed to take one such photo nonetheless.

YouTube/Eric Lafforgue

  1. This is an everyday lineup for a bus in North Korea.

YouTube/Eric Lafforgue

  1. A group of men pushing a broken bus.

YouTube/Eric Lafforgue

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