Brother Wins “Best Dad” Award After He Took His Sister To Her First Father-Daughter Dance…This Story Will Melt Your Heart.

People say the bond between a daughter and her father is very special and that makes first father-daughter dance even more special. But after Noor’s parents got divorced in November and she had no contact with her father since then she had lost all hope of ever having a true father-daughter dance

She wore the dress and walked around the house upset about the situation. On feb 4her older brother Mohammad saw her sitting on the couch with her dress on. When he heard the reason that why his little sister was upset, Mohammad stepped up

And promised her that he will take her to the dance

He told buzz feed “I wasn’t going to let my little sister be the one out of all her friends to not be at the dance.” So he went out and bought her a new dress and even took her the parlor and got her hair done J

Mohammad and Noor had a lot of fun dancing together and Noor glowed on the floor

And in the end Mohammad won the “Best Dad” award and to be honest, no one deserved it more.

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