36 Facts That People Think Are Rubbish But Are Actually True

We live in a weird world and some of the things are absolutely ridiculous and when someone tells us something we tend not to believe them but let’s not forget not everything you here is a lie. It can be weird but not a lie every time.

So here is a collection of some very weird facts that are absolutely true.


  • There’s a very nearly 100% likelihood that the glass from which you drink contains no less than one atom of water that once went through the body of a dinosaur. (fact)
  • The hummingbird is the main feathered creature that can fly in reverse. (fact)
  • The microscopic organisms living in your body dwarf the cells of which they are formed by 10 times. (fact)
  • The fingerprints of a koala bear are vague from the fingerprints of a human, notwithstanding when concentrated under an electron magnifying lens. (fact)
  • The Tardigrade (otherwise called the Moss Piglet or Water Bear) is the most steady animal on Earth. It can survive such outrageous conditions as permafrost, bubbling temperatures, radiation, and even the vacuum of space. (fact)
  • The time contrast between when Tyrannosaurus and Stegosaurus lived is more noteworthy than the time distinction amongst Tyrannosaurus and us. (fact)
  • Night crawlers have five hearts. (fact)
  • The heart of a blue whale is huge to the point that a human kid could without much of a stretch swim through its veins. (fact)
  • Human DNA is half like the DNA of a banana. (fact)
  • Nectar is the main sustenance that never turns sour. What’s more, by that we don’t imply that you can securely keep it for a year or two. What we mean is you can keep it for eternity! (fact)



  • Since the minute Pluto was found and until the minute when it lost its status of a planet, this heavenly body has not finished a solitary full unrest around the Sun.(Fact)
  • A day on Venus keeps going longer than a Venusian year. (fact)
  • On Saturn’s moon Titan, the gravity is so low and the air is dense to the point that in the event that you had little wings set up of hands you could fly. (fact)
  • There are a bigger number of particles in one glass of water than there are glasses of water in the greater part of the Earth’s seas assembled. (fact)
  • The genuine directions of rocket speak to complex ovals. (fact)
  • It actually rains precious stones on Saturn and Jupiter. (fact)
  • In the event that you envision that the Sun is a human cell, then, by size examination, the Milky Way universe would resemble the United States. (fact)
  • Hypothetically, in the event that you bore a pole through the Earth and dive into it, you will develop on the opposite side in 42 minutes. That is whether you finish your voyage in one piece, which is far-fetched. (fact)

Geography and History

  • From space, you can at present observe the fringe amongst East and West Germany because of the distinctive sorts of lights utilized as a part of the locales. (fact)
  • The territory of Russia is bigger than the whole surface range of Pluto. (fact)
  • Cleopatra lived nearer to the season of the Moon arrivals than the season of the working of the pyramids. (fact)
  • There’s portable association on the summit of Mount Everest. (fact)
  • 14 years before the first journey of the Titanic, a novel was composed about a ship of a similar name sinking under comparable conditions. (Fact)
  • We’ll never know for beyond any doubt who created the fire hydrant in light of the fact that the patent for it was lost in the Washington D.C. patent office fire in 1836. (fact)
  • Neil Armstrong needed to round out a migration shape when he came back to United States soil from the Moon. (fact)
  • French was the official dialect of England for more than 600 years. (fact)
  • The frantic Roman ruler Caligula once chose to proclaim war on the divine force of the oceans, Poseidon, and he requested his troopers to haphazardly toss their lances into the water. (fact)
  • At regular intervals, we take a bigger number of pictures than all of humankind did all through the whole nineteenth century. (fact)
  • At the point when the Warner Brothers film studio was established, the Ottoman Empire still existed. (fact)

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