4 Bar Tricks That Can Earn You A Lot Of Free Bear

2.This trap will win you a drink, as well as it’s certain going to raise a few eyebrows too. All you need for this one is a fix of water, a shot of rum and a business card. (Ensure that the two shots are filled to the limit!)

Challenge a companion to move the water into the shot of bourbon/rum and the other way around. They are not permitted to utilize a third purge shot glass, nor would they be able to drink it and spit it pull out. After they have waved the white banner, continue to demonstrate to them how it’s finished.

Put the business card over the shot of water so that the business card totally covers the surface of the shot glass. Lift it up and put it over the shot of rum/bourbon with the business card isolating the two fluids. Move the card marginally so water can move through however not all that much where you make a major chaos (the barkeep won’t value that.) The water, being heavier than both rum and bourbon, will sink to the base pushing the rum/bourbon up to the top.

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