Some unknown mysteries about the mysterious Bermuda triangle

The Bermuda triangle has always been a mystery. Ever since I was a kid I have heard rumors, myths, stories about this undiscovered place and I have always wondered that what it is about this placeI have seen total nerds go crazy about this place and have often convinced me about these crazy assumptions they made but I can totally bet on the fact that even they had no clue about these 10 things

1. The debris of some wrecks often go missing

The western edge of the Bermuda triangle has a gulf stream which washes away the debris but who knows may be aliens have something to do with it

2. The US navy has a research center within the triangle

The us navy has a test and evaluation center within the Bermuda triangle but there are rumors that experiments concerning space time continuum are conducted there

3. A pilot said that he experienced “Time Storm”

Bruce Gernon a pilot claimed that he lost 28 minutes of his flight as he entered into some kind of an electric cloud. He even wrote a book about it named “Electric fog”

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