5 Common Battery Myths Proven Wrong!

Since the inception of smartphones, we all have heard numerous myths about phone batteries such as not to use your phone when it is getting charged, don’t leave your phone on charging all night long and a lot more. Well recently most of these myths have been proven wrong.

So today we are officially breaking five old age battery myths.

1.There is no harm in using a charger of a different brand. It won’t do any damages to your phone whatsoever.

2.Although still we won’t recommend you to use your phone while it is on charging but it is said that as long as you are using your original charger, there is nothing to worry about.


3.,You can keep your phone on charging all night long and it won’t damage your battery or phone.

4.It is okay to keep your phone on all the time but there is no harm in turning it off once a week.

5.It has also been revealed that the best time to charge your phone is when the battery is fully drained.

We are really glad that finally someone has put an end to all those rumors and myths we have been hearing all our lives.

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