5 Types Of “Friends” You Don’t Need In Life


Friends are there to lift you up rather dragging you down.


These are the five types of friends you might not want to hang out with anymore.


In this busy era of the century, people strive to have true friends but true friendship is becoming scarce day by day. It is a stiff task to find the type of friends that work for your future or in simpler words, your positive development. There are different types of friends in every individual’s life, sometimes you feel that a person you are laughing with all the day is your true friend but that might not be the truth. Time is the key element which shows you the reality, people develop a sense of attachment with any person in a really short time span, then hope for the loyalty of years. Some people might be there only for a particular time and reason so, be watchful when choosing your friends circle.

Here are the five types of friends that you wouldn’t want to hang out with anymore;

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  1. The complainer

There are people that are filled with negativity and they can only witness the problems and deficiencies in you. Whenever, this type of friend speaks, they only complain about your dull side and rather ignore your bright side.

  1. The Flaker

These are the friends famous for their ditching qualities. They make commitments and easily forget afterwards. When it comes to excuse’s they are just so good at it, you won’t even know that the other person is lying. They have a face that you have never seen.

  1. The bad Influencers

These are the most dangerous type of people around you. They might seem sweet to you, but in reality, if they’ve fallen for a bad habit. They will ask you to join them by saying that this act is normal or isn’t harmful at all.

  1. The backbiters

Backbiters are the worst type of friends around you, they simply are sugary in front of you. Once, you are gone they share your secrets are your failures with others and cherish them. You get to know abut your secrets getting leaked really soon after you tell them.

  1. The Irritating one’s 

These friends don’t want you to work hard. They will irritate you while you’re doing some work. They always want you to skip your work and have fun. If they see you climbing the ladder of success, they feel jealous and curious. Wishing for your failure and your bad luck is their first priority.   


True friends

Life now comes with a really short expiry date, so wasting time on fake friends might not be the last thing you’d wish for. So, keep your head and heart open when making friends, true friends should be there in both your dark and bright times. When you have a true friend by your side you feel much healthier and happier. Lastly, true friends are the friends who strive to dig out the best in you.


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