Girl with rare disease invents teddy bears that hide IV bags

The hospital often turns out to be a scary place when you are a child. Infusions are, among other things, part of what can most intimidate. A young American named Ella has found a solution to this problem: Medi Teddy, a teddy bear that can be fixed on the gallows.

Ella can testify to her experience. At age 7, the girl was diagnosed with Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura, a disease that destroys platelets and increases the risk of injury and bleeding. As a result, she must have a blood infusion every eight weeks in the hospital.

Photo credit: Ella Casano

As Ella points out on her website: “When I had my first infusion, I was surprised and a little intimidated by the appearance of the pipe size and the medical equipment of the infusion. Seeing more and more children experience the same feelings, I became interested in creating a more user-friendly experience for young patients on drip. So I created Medi Teddy. I hope Medi Teddy will help you as much as he helps me! “.

Photo credit: Ella Casano

It was by hiding the infusion bag in a teddy bear that she managed to overcome her fear. The medical profession’s enthusiasm for this invention and their advice to improve it have totally conquered the mother and daughter to create others.

“The goal of the Teddy Medi is to hide the child’s infusion bag containing blood, blood derivatives or medicine and to present him with a friendly face to watch,” Meg Casano told the BBC.

This invention will undoubtedly serve many children in the future is not yet available on the market. The mother and Ella, now 12 years old, kicked off a jackpot last Sunday to fund the production of 500 teddy bears.

The $ 5,000 they hoped to reap to be able to offer to hospitalized children have already been exceeded, the pot has so far reached nearly $ 12,000! What to make happy many children.

Credits: Demotivateour

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