10 People Who Never Thought They Would Die And Would Make A World Record!

Life is a gift from God but people at times don’t realize it. Although making world records is an ambitious thing but some people took it too far and lost their lives in the midst of making a world record.

1.Haris Suleman was only 17 years old who wanted to become the world’s youngest pilot in command in history to circumnavigate the earth in one plane in around 30 days.

Haris’s expedition was started from US and his father was his co-pilot. Unfortuntately, the plane crashed in the Pacific Ocean. Haris’s body was found but till today his dad’s body could never be found.

2.Garman tried to set the world record for the deepest scuba dive of over 1,200 feet but God had some other plans for him.

Unfortunately he drowned in the sea and couldn’t reach to his destination in the water.

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