7 Features In Your Smart Phone That Will Can Help You Turn Into A Spy.

Smart phones have to be among the greatest modern creations ever. They have made life easier and have allowed us to minimize are life to this certain creation. Gone are the days in which there was something different for our every little need. This thing contains everything. This is out laptop, alarm clock, calendar camera, everything but still we are failing to utilize it to its maximum level. Here are the 7 things that we don’t use.

  1. Listening device

Feel like a spy by turning your phone in to a listening device and you just have to use some tricks. To test it place your phone somewhere and call it will answer itself and you can listen to whatever is happening on the other end. Batman uses the same thing…believe me I am not lying.

2. Lock your phone away

If someone has stolen you phone or it is lost and you don’t want anyone to see what’s inside. Just call your cellphone company and give them the special 16 digit IMEI number, they will use it to block the phone. After this the phone will become useless. Well if we start doing this all those mobile thieves will have to find a new profession.

3. Use it as a microscope

Well you don’t need a lot of money for this, just a lens (which you can get from a laser pointer) and a cellphone. Just attach the lens to you camera and the digital micro scope is good to go.

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