81 Year Old Picks Up A Guitar In A Shop And Unleashes His Inner Rock Star!

It was like any other day for the music shop in Nashville known as ‘British Audio Service’ but things immediately changed when an 81 year picked up a guitar and unleashed his inner rock star.

Bob Wood picked up a guitar and started playing it and was completely in his own world and didn’t seem to notice anyone else at the store. One of the employees from the music shop Shane Radtke revealed that he heard someone playing a guitar really good and said it was something ‘pretty original’ so he decided to make a video of Wood’s impromptu guitar session at the shop.

The employee also added that it was unusual for everyone to see someone at his age rocking out those amazing guitar skills because normally the buyers who come to purchase the music equipment play really bad.

Radtke uploaded the video on Facebook and the video so far has received more than 2 million views.

Mr Bob Wood’s video went viral to the extent that it caught the attention of Nashville News Channel 5 and the news channel decided to interview Mr. Woods.

When the news channel went to interview him, so Wood told them that he had been a professional musician himself with a couple of albums under his belt. He used to be a musician way back in the 70s at Jamboree USA in Wheeling, West Virginia. His album ‘Bob Wood Plays it Cool’ was a hit.

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