84 Year Old Man’s Yellow Color Car Was Vandalized. Later On The Town People Organized A Rally For Yellow Cars!

84 year old Peter Maddox is a retired dentist who lives in the picture perfect town of Bilbury, Gloucestershire. Maddox moved to this beautiful town 15 years ago after the death of his wife and fell in love with this surreal village. Everything was fine until Maddox bought a cute Vauxhall Corsa car in yellow car three years ago.

The locals of the town and the tourists didn’t like Maddox’s car at all and said it was a ‘photo bomb’, ‘eye sore’ and used a number of unpleasant words for Maddox’s innocent yellow car.

Things took a bad turn when a vandal tried to destroy Maddox’s yellow car by smashing the driver’s side window and rear windscreen. The unknown vandal also wrote the word ‘move’ by scratching on the car.

This incident left Maddox heartbroken and he was more devastated when he went to a car repairing shop and was told that repairing the damages and respraying the car will cost him thousands of dollars. By then Maddox was beyond devastated and decided to sell his car.

He eventually sell the car and was extremely sad because of it.

When this news broke out in the entire town, Matty Bee along with his team decided to organize a parade for Maddox. The event was like a celebration of yellow color cars. A lot of people even sprayed their car yellow to take part in the parade and to support the 84 year old former dentist.


Maddox said that he was overwhelmed by the support from all the people and he saw the rally from his cottage.

In the event, Maddox was also invited and was presented a miniature version of his old car.

On the other side, the authorities also got into action to find the culprits behind the vandalism incident of Maddox’s car. Police said that they are trying their best to find the vandals.

Source : elitereaders


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