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    Five Food You Think Are Healthy But Aren’t

    It is more than disappointing to discover that some of the “healthy” foods we buy are really bad for us. No one likes to spin their wheels; And yet, many of us are spending the time and money that cost us so much to earn by making healthy food choices that lead us nowhere.

    This is a mistake that none of us wants to make, so it is important to familiarize yourself with common junk foods disguised as healthy foods.

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    Here are five important ones to know:

    1. Granola

    Granola - healthy food to avoid
    Pixabay / Pexels

    Granola has long been marketed as a healthy food. And at first glance, it seems legitimate. (It’s made with oatmeal, dried fruits and nuts, right?)

    Unfortunately, research has also shown that oatmeal commonly contains unhealthy levels of glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup, which has been added to the list of California chemicals that the state knows causes cancer. And with the combination of dried fruits and additional sources of sugar such as honey, maple syrup and coconut sugar, granola can be a sugar bomb.

    But not all is bad news. If you stick to organic products that have no added sugar or make your own granola easy at home!

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    These 10 People Will Make Bill Gates Look Poor!

    Making money in a legal way is really hard but doing so in illegal way and not being caught is harder.

    We all know that Bill Gates is the richest man in the planet as of today, and by saying this we think about legal ways of making money, but if we look at the opposite way, definitely Bill Gates is just a nothing compared to giants of moneys of this planet.

    The list we’re going to publish today contains 10 most influential peoples/families who own most of the moneys in the world. Some of them are still alive, and some of them have gone from this world despite the fact that their money still serves to their closest friends and family members.

    #1 HOSNI MUBARAK ($70 Billion)

    hosni mubarak net worth Hosni Mubarak Net Worth – © Humor Nation

    The Egyptian President who was elected by corruption (1981 to 2011) holds the number 10 in this list. Came with corruption and governed with corruption, during this 30 years period he managed to save 70 billion dollars in his account. Surely he will never be on the Forbes list because of his illegal money. Mubarak was overthrown in 2011 but he’s still alive, has 89 years and enjoys his corrupted money. Rumors say that companies that likely run for him are worth $700 billion.

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    Mobile speed cameras are on the way to catch you using phone while driving

    New technology walks in to capture individuals using mobile phones while driving.

    Speed cameras are now capable of detaining the persons risking their lives and violating the traffic rules by using mobile phones. When walking into the 21st century the first priority of humans is to use technology to make their lives safer day by day. The development in Artificial intelligence and information technology is creating ease in people’s lives. Astonishing development of speed cameras is cherished by the people all around the state.

    Yet, it is said that the person caught on speed camera using a cell phone while driving will initially be spared punishment during the three-month grace period which will see them receive a warning letter only. That’s great news for the peeps who are not aware of this technology yet, and get caught for the first time.

    The transport minister Andrew says that the technology of targeting cell phones via mount trailer-mounted cameras will be spread all over the state on the 1st December.

    “Driving with cell phones in hand is no less than driving unconsciously, it is a killer act for sure” says Mr. Constance to a reporter.

    Surely, it is of no doubt that a person using mobile phones while driving can get themselves killed in no time. A ride using the cell phone constantly is certainly a death ride.

    This great initiative by the government is sparking light on safe driving all over the state. The purpose of this initiative is that people understand the dilemma and change their behavior. Making people aware of the causalities of using cell phones while driving is the main aim of setting up speed cameras. Giving a warning letter is just not enough, people need to understand this rather ignoring it.

    •  What are the Penalties? 

    A six months trial of speed camera caught 100,000 drivers which is not a small number. It clearly concludes that most of the people are violating traffic laws.

    In a situation where drivers caught using mobile phones in a school zone, they will be fined $344-$457 if they’ve once received the warning letter.

    • Conclusion

    Its quite debatable that what is the point of using cellphones when you have Bluetooth technology, you can receive a call using that, what is more, important than this while driving. Not playing games for sure.

    These speed cameras will be a core reason for preventing accidents of drivers while using cell phones.

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    Some Times You Just Need To Hear How Much You Mean To Someone

    Some Times You Just Need To Hear How Much You Mean To Someone

    Telling someone that you love them is as important as loving them.


    People often love you so much and care for you but you don’t know about it, because you haven’t heard it from them. We don’t really tell anyone that we strive to know how much that person loves us or cares for us. There are many words that can melt you heart in seconds.

    Listening to things like “I love you”, “You mean the world to me”, “thank you for being in my life” can surely make you feel special and loved. In this busy life all we need is to hear these statements from our friends and family to keep us together in this short life.

    People have this misconception that it is not necessary for a person to express themselves through these words, rather only loving someone by heart is enough. The truth is that whatever is in your heart, must be on your tongue. This makes the other person clear about your feelings.

    Expressing yourself through words just not only makes you feel satisfied but also makes someone else’s day as well. You don’t know how much your words actually mean to someone. It does not make you small or weak when you tell someone about how you feel about them. Life is so short to think about things like these.

    Communication is the key element in a relationship, when the two or more individuals express them-selves they make their relationship much more sustainable. Out of many ways to show love, words are the most-sweeter and healthier. Remember this also that your non-verbal communication is as important as your verbal communication with your loved ones.

    Words are actually a blend of feelings that a person has for someone. These words can make someone’s life way much better, it can motivate them, inspire them or maybe they would drag them from the dark part of their life into a shiny one.

    Most importantly when talking about children, they are thirsty for communication like this. They are desperate to here from everyone about how they feel about them and what they want them to do. One the other hand children also are likely to express themselves to other people with their pure heart. Putting barriers in this communication might not result good for the development of children’s mind.

    Lastly, as we know we have been struck by social media from the past decade, it is important for us to know that communication which is done face to face is much more fruitful than communication which is done on social media. We are so busy that we use the same old copied words for each other on social media to fulfill the formality.

    Keep in mind that the people we love have the right to know what is in every inch of our heart because of that what makes a relationship more long-lasting and valuable.

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    5 Types Of “Friends” You Don’t Need In Life


    Friends are there to lift you up rather dragging you down.


    These are the five types of friends you might not want to hang out with anymore.


    In this busy era of the century, people strive to have true friends but true friendship is becoming scarce day by day. It is a stiff task to find the type of friends that work for your future or in simpler words, your positive development. There are different types of friends in every individual’s life, sometimes you feel that a person you are laughing with all the day is your true friend but that might not be the truth. Time is the key element which shows you the reality, people develop a sense of attachment with any person in a really short time span, then hope for the loyalty of years. Some people might be there only for a particular time and reason so, be watchful when choosing your friends circle.

    Here are the five types of friends that you wouldn’t want to hang out with anymore;

    Source : Pixabay
    Credits : Pixabay


    1. The complainer

    There are people that are filled with negativity and they can only witness the problems and deficiencies in you. Whenever, this type of friend speaks, they only complain about your dull side and rather ignore your bright side.

    1. The Flaker

    These are the friends famous for their ditching qualities. They make commitments and easily forget afterwards. When it comes to excuse’s they are just so good at it, you won’t even know that the other person is lying. They have a face that you have never seen.

    1. The bad Influencers

    These are the most dangerous type of people around you. They might seem sweet to you, but in reality, if they’ve fallen for a bad habit. They will ask you to join them by saying that this act is normal or isn’t harmful at all.

    1. The backbiters

    Backbiters are the worst type of friends around you, they simply are sugary in front of you. Once, you are gone they share your secrets are your failures with others and cherish them. You get to know abut your secrets getting leaked really soon after you tell them.

    1. The Irritating one’s 

    These friends don’t want you to work hard. They will irritate you while you’re doing some work. They always want you to skip your work and have fun. If they see you climbing the ladder of success, they feel jealous and curious. Wishing for your failure and your bad luck is their first priority.   


    True friends

    Life now comes with a really short expiry date, so wasting time on fake friends might not be the last thing you’d wish for. So, keep your head and heart open when making friends, true friends should be there in both your dark and bright times. When you have a true friend by your side you feel much healthier and happier. Lastly, true friends are the friends who strive to dig out the best in you.


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    People With RH Negative Blood Are Special And Have Characteristics That Are Just Different.

    Most humans have RH positive blood, meaning they carry a gene originating from the rhesus monkey. Humans are believed to have evolved from a similar ancestor.

    But 10-15% of people do not carry this gene, which means there is a small amount of people on the planet who are RH negative. Such people lack not only that rhesus monkey gene but the proteins that come with it as well.

    They seem to have these special character sticks

    • Higher IQ
    • Blue, green or hazel eyes
    • Reddish hair
    • Piercing eyes
    • Empathic qualities
    • Sensitivity to heat
    • Unexplained phobias
    • Highly tuned senses

    So if they are not from our ancestors. Who are they?

    Many individuals trust those with RH negative blood are the consequence of antiquated people having mated with guests from space.

    RH negative blood and RH positive blood are to a great degree contrary. This is most obviously appeared in the connection between a RH negative mother and a RH positive unborn kid. (This happens when the mother is RH negative and the father is RH positive.) Oddly enough, moms with RH negative blood normally make antibodies that will assault the red platelets of any RH positive kids. This condition is known as RH incongruence and can be forestalled with RH safe globulin. RH insusceptible globulin is created by a few people like James Harrison who has spared the lives of around 2 million children through blood gifts alone!

    Albeit greatly uncommon, a few children don’t survive RH inconsistency.


    Antiquated history is covered with drawings and compositions portraying alien boats going by planet earth. Everybody from Apollo space travelers to previous protection priests trust aliens have to be sure gone to our planet.

    This new hypothesis brings up some entirely intriguing issues in regards to these antiquated alien appearance convictions. In particular, if people mated with aliens, that could mean extraterrestrials have a pretty much comparable body structure and arrangement that would permit just unobtrusive contrasts –, for example, hair and eye shading and blood classification.

    Obviously, there are doubters in regards to the idea that RH-negative blood originates from aliens.

    A few people trust RH-pessimistic blood is basically the consequence of a hereditary change brought about by an outside component, for example, expanded introduction to UV light.

    Obviously, this hypothesis brings up new issues all alone. For instance:

    In the event that RH-antagonistic blood is a straightforward transformation, why do as such few individuals on the planet have it?

    What amount expanded UV presentation would be required to deliver such a hereditary change? Is it attainable that somebody would get that much presentation through everyday life on Earth?

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    The bee is declared the most important living being on the planet because it is indispensable to all life.

    To disappear, it would do a lot worse.

    In the last debate of the Royal Geographical Society of London, the Earthwatch Institute concluded that bees are the most important living being on the planet. However, scientists have also announced: Bees are already threatened with extinction.

    According to recent studies, bees worldwide have disappeared up to 90%.

    The reasons are different depending on the region, but among the main ones are massive deforestation, lack of safe places for nests, lack of flowers, use of uncontrolled pesticides, soil, among others.


    The Beekeeping Entrepreneurship Center of the Universidad Mayor (CeapiMayor) and the Apiculture Corporation of Chile (Cach), with the support of the Foundation for Agrarian Innovation (FIA), conducted a study which determined that bees are the only living creatures they are. does not carry any type of pathogen, whether it is a fungus, a virus or a bacterium.

    The agriculture of the world depends on 70% of these insects. To put it more clearly, we could say that 70 of the 100 foods are used for bees.
    In addition, pollination of bees allows plants to reproduce, fed by millions of animals. Without them, the wildlife would soon disappear.
    Honey produced by bees not only serves as food, but also offers many benefits for our health and our skin.

    According to a quote attributed to Albert Einstein, if the bees disappear, humans would have 4 years to live.


    The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology offers a theory that blames the waves produced by mobile telephony. They explain that these waves emitted during calls are able to disorient bees, making them lose their sense of direction and thus putting their lives in danger.

    The researcher and biologist Daniel Favre, in collaboration with other researchers, made 83 experiments that show that the bees in the presence of these waves produce a noise ten times higher than normal, a behavior that was observed to make known to other bees. danger and it is important to leave the hive.

    Without a doubt, the main reason for its disappearance is attributed to the constant fumigation of crops. This is happening in Colombia: in the last three years, 34% of bees containing agro toxins have died of intoxication.


    There are solutions, the problem is that it is very difficult to implement because the production and farming practices are well established.

    However, three solutions are proposed in the hope of being able to solve them quickly:

    Prohibit, not reduce, the use of toxic pesticides.

    Promote totally natural agricultural alternatives.

    Conduct ongoing research and monitoring on the health, welfare and conservation of bees.

    This is an example of the problem faced by bees and the urgency of changing our resource management, said Luciano Grisales, representative at the Colombian Chamber of Commerce.

    It is vitally important to establish the strategic nature of the protection and repopulation of bees and other pollinators, as not doing so in 10 years would not be counted for bees in Colombia. This would lead to a food disaster and a health crisis in the country. – Luciano expressed at the sustainable week.

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    Easy science experiments you can try at home.

    Science experiments you can do at home! Click on the experiment image or the view experiment link below for each experiment on this page to see the materials needed and procedure. Have fun trying these experiments at home or use them for SCIENCE FAIR PROJECT IDEAS.

    Easy science experiments you can try at home. 👩‍🔬

    Gepostet von Bright Side am Donnerstag, 17. Oktober 2019

    Enjoy our fun science experiments, make cool projects with easy ideas for children, show friends & family what you’ve discovered and most importantly, have fun!

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    Mamá descubre que cualquiera puede acceder a su información en su Samsung Galaxy S10 después de instalar un protector de pantalla de £ 2.70 de eBay

    Se ha detectado un problema de seguridad masivo en el sensor de huellas digitales Galaxy S10. Los hackers ya tienen una forma de evitar el escáner ultrasónico y encerrados en el teléfono inteligente.

    La solución cuesta solo $ 3 y medio y puede difuminar el escáner de huellas digitales. Incluso se puede utilizar para obtener acceso a tarjetas de crédito y aplicaciones bancarias. Los hackers ya tienen una forma de evitar el escáner ultrasónico y encerrados en el teléfono inteligente.

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    Chinese Woman Dislocates Her Jaw While Laughing

    While you travel a long journey it is a common thing to involve in some activity which amuses you and spend time without being bored. Some people watch movies and remain busy with tablets or mobiles.
    Reading books is fun for some people. Best of all is to remain busy on social media like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. If you have experience of such a journey in your life, you come across very funny stories.
    One of these stories is of a couple in China who went on a 28 hours long journey on the train. You can imagine how painful and boring it can be such a trip. They decided to engage in playing card games.

    Every other person in their compartment was busy with some activity of amusement. No one can visualize any danger in playing cards what harm can be in playing modest card games.

    So everything was very smooth until the wife has scored a good shot and started laughing. This simple act of laughing cost her very dearly when her jawline disturbed. She could not feel what has been done to her but Her victory has cost her closing her jaw. She could not close her mouth.

    While noticing, her husband found serious damage has been done to her. Her husband was disturbed and at first, could not find what has been done to his wife after finding the problem informed the train staff.

    The train is about to reach a near station where the relevant staff was ready to tackle the situation and for a short treatment in the hospital. So, a simple act of amusing on her winning teaches her a lesson for life. Never over amuse in any situation because it will turn in sorrow and pain for you.

    Source: Elite Readers

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    Experiment: What happens if you mix Coca-Cola and Mentos in a large aquarium?

    The foam eruption that occurs when the mints come into contact with the popular cola soda is known to everyone, so we know it is not a curiosity. However, I doubt that you have seen all the applications that the combination of mentors with Coca Cola can have, so I invite you to see the following list of videos with fun versions of the experiment.

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