A Green World Or A Green Dress? You Decide.

People love to spend now a days and are preferring quantity over quality now when it comes to the fashion industry.

People now a days don’t  look into the brands that where is the money that the consumers are giving going to, by which we mean that is it being invested back to the society.  While the fashion industry claims they follow the ethics but how substantial is the statement?

The Growing Trends

We buy a lot of clothes now a days the industry has grown into a multibillion dollar industry. The biggest reason that people buy so many clothes apart from the seasonal changes is to show class and persuasive fashion shows who tell you what to wear.

The industry is now polluting the world as it is growing faster and more synthetic supplies are coming as the growing trend of fast fashion is effecting the industry.

We should question that who are the people who are making the clothes and is it leaving negative effect on our planet. Well the stats suggest that the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world coming second to the crude oil industry.

The Negative Impact:

Where people believe that women are the gender who are preferred in the fashion industry as it is largest employer of women in the world but only 2 percent work on decent wages,

The amount of water used in the industry is mind boggling as it takes almost 2700 liters of water and a third pound of chemicals to make a cotton shirt. In a world where people struggle for a drink of decent water that is just a little staggering.

The amount of chemicals used to make clothes is baffling. The amount of residual chemicals on clothes contain lead, pesticides, insecticides and flame residents which harm our skins and there is no visible solution available.

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