A Green World Or A Green Dress? You Decide.


We should choose our brands wisely look into things a little before we choose our brands. We should change if we want to see the world change or just say no thanks and move on. The positive thing about the world right now is that there are organizations in the world who are working hard and trying to come up with alterative materials.

Saving the Environment

Using dyes will always have a negative impact on our environment. Using natural dyes is better but still it will have some negative impacts, if invested upon things could get even better.

Choose Your Wardrobe wisely

To improve our world it is important that we chose brands who are environment friendly and kind to its people who are working for them and giving some of their earning back to the society. Some of the basic things we can opt for is swapping clothes with our friends and donate our old ones if we can. We should also ask about the supply chains of the brands we buy from to ensure that the ethical part is being taken care of.

Source: upliftconnect

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