A Guy Lost A Ton Of Weight And Looked So Different That He Even Pranked His Own Parents

All of us have a little prankster in us but this guy is a total legend. This guy came back home after 3 long years and lost a lot of weight, he tested that if his parents would recognize him or not.

HadiWibawa had been studying in London for the past three years and hadn’t visited him home land Indonesia during that time. He lost about 45 pounds in three years due to many reasons. So this got him thinking that would his parents recognize him.

Thinner Hadi

Hadi informed his brothers who invited his pretended to dinner and Hadi flew in secretly from London and took a seat right beside his parents table and acted as if he is a stranger.

His parents arrived first at the scene and at first didn’t recognize him but his mother only needed a second glance to recognize her son

His father fell for it and said that he looked nothing like his son but no one can fool a mother.

Source : elitereaders

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